Erasmus Gwidza, Zimbabwe

Based in Zimbabwe, Erasmus Gwidza is a young demographer and population health researcher with vast interest in advancing HIV programs advocacy, communications and implementation in countries with limited resources. A young researcher and advocate with strong analytical background in data management and analytics, demographic research, HIV prevention-treatment-care-and-cure advocacy. He is passionate about HIV and Aids programs designing and implementation, programming in data analytics, health data management, demographic forecasting and probalistic modelling, electronic computations, digital health modelling and demographic research. He has a lot of experience in biomedical HIV prevention programs, health financing, advocacy and communications, public health research, population health data management, statistical modelling of population parameters, quantitative and qualitative research for program programming, data modelling and projections, DHS and health information systems knowledge, data capturing, analysis, interpretation and reporting. He is a team player with strong interpersonal skills, vast software capabilities in the population social science parameters and public health field.