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Winnie Adile
Winnie Akidi.A is the founder of WEtalkseries Uganda, a youth serving initiative that offers a platform for young people to amplify their voices, innovate for change and contribute meaningfully towards achieving the sustainable development goals in Africa. The initiative targets young people between the age of 13-35 in and out of school, living in slums and those living with disabilities through storytelling and voicing stories of change. She holds a degree in information Technology Science from Uganda Institute of Information and Communications Technology and a Certificate in citizen and media journalism from YaLa Africa. Prior to her founding WEtalk series Uganda, She served as the communications advocacy officer at Youth Equality Center and later as a communications officer at African Youth Development Link working closely with young people . In 2018 she was among the 30 selected youth champions for family planning with AfriYAN-Network Uganda chapter to front discussions with government stakeholders and communities to end child marriages and teenage pregnancies in Uganda. Her passion to ensure a healthy committed community of young adolescents speaking up and fronting conversations of solutions to challenges they face in society and ability to help them make right choices concerning their lives drives her to leverage opportunities for young adolescents and youth in Uganda and across Africa.



AKidi Winnie Adile