NPT Capacity Building Interests among African Civil Society Advocates


The Africa Free of New HIV Infections (AfNHi) commissioned an assessment in order to map national level organisations undertaking biomedical HIV prevention research advocacy, or that have an interest therein. Opportunities and enablers for an expanded African led civil society network driving biomedical HIV prevention research advocacy were explored.


Organisations were identified through AfNHi member networks and desktop research. Desktop research was hampered by a lack of up to date verifiable information, outdated directories and poor coverage of NPTs in general.

Data was collected through an online survey and in-depth semi structured interviews. Information pertaining to existing knowledge, involvement and capacity building interests in NPTs were collected.

Results Snapshot: NPT Capacity Building Interests

Survey participants were tasked to indicate their capacity building interests according to a set of options presented in the table below. Multiple selections were permitted.

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Stakeholder interviews resulted in clear capacity building needs  for skills that existing implementers felt would strengthen their advocacy work. Inputs were collated as found below:

  • How to lobby decision makers to support HIV prevention research and roll-out
  • How to mobilise and lobby for civil society funding for HIV prevention research advocacy programmes with longer term objectives
  • How to engage bilateral donor agencies to ensure that local prevention agendas are prioritised in country strategies

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