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Maureen Luba Milambe

Maureen Luba, is a board Member of the International Partnership for Microbicides and a passionate champion for young women’s health. She is also a member of the National Health Science Research Committee in Malawi whose mandate is to promote, support, coordinate, and regulate research and development in the fields of infectious diseases, health systems, reproductive health, environmental health, nutrition, non-communicable diseases, social and behavioral research, trauma and rehabilitation, mental health and other health related areas. Maureen is a 2015 AVAC fellow who is very passionate about HIV prevention for young women and girls. She is a tireless advocate for HIV prevention programming in PEPFAR and the Global Fund funded projects. She currently coordinates a Regional Advocacy project, COMPASS, that aims at building the capacity and enhancing the participation of Civil Society Coalitions in Malawi, Tanzania and Zimbabwe in Global, PEPFAR and National government decision making processes