Kelvin Njoroge, Kenya

Kelvin Njoroge preferred name (Keylor), is a 25-year-old Kenyan citizen who is living openly with HIV. He works as a youth advocate and is a community lead person for key young populations living with HIV at the Ambassador for Youth and Adolescent Reproductive Health Program (AYARHEP). Keylor is also an affiliate of a community based organisation for MSM in Nairobi (Ishtar MSM) as a community health volunteer.

Keylor is highly committed to the HIV prevention, care, and treatment field and is also a champion for sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR). Additionally, he serves as a representative of key young populations living with HIV within the KCM constituency for the Global fund and a board member for an upcoming network; Network of Key Populations Affected by HIV (NEKEPAH).

Nalweyiso Victoria, Uganda

Based in Uganda, Nalweyiso Victoria is a communications personnel at the National AGYW Forum, a Sexual Reproduce Health and Rights (SRHR) Advocate and twitter influencer. She believes that a free HIV Africa is possible if people work together and fund research.

Catherine Atikpo, Ghana

Based in Ghana, Catherine Atikpo is a 23 year old young lady, who enjoys working with young people in their diversities and has been recognized as a truly valuable asset to work with any youth advocacy team. Beyond that, she is a mentor who impacts others with her story as a Person Living With HIV to improve their adherence status, also empowering them with education on their rights and responsibilities as well as Sexual Reproductive Health Rights.
Her knowledge of HIV and expertise in the community was a huge advantage to the Young Health Advocates Ghana (YHAG), the National Network of Young People Living with HIV and the Youth Wing of Hope For Future Generations.
Catherine was enrolled by PPAG (Planned Parenthood Association of Ghana) in collaboration with Zvandiri where she worked at Greater Accra Regional Hospital as a CATS (Community Adolescents Treatment Supporter). Currently, she holds the office of Treasurer at YHAG, and she is a Community Peer Paralegal serving as a legal aid for persons living with HIV and affected by TB including persons highly at risk of contracting the virus.
A Youth Leader for Health, Catherine is passionate about being a voice for the vulnerable and aspires to continue impacting the lives of young women and the vulnerable.

Omolayo Ogunyemi, Nigeria

Based in Nigeria, Omolayo Ogunyemi Cecilia is a dedicated monitoring and evaluation officer with a strong passion for advocating for HIV awareness. With her expertise in monitoring and evaluation, she plays a crucial role in assessing the effectiveness of HIV prevention, testing, and treatment programs. However, her advocacy extends far beyond her professional responsibilities. Omolayo actively engages in public speaking engagements where she shares personal stories, aiming to inspire and educate others about the importance of HIV prevention, testing, and treatment. Through her compelling speeches, she raises awareness, dispels myths, and breaks down the stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS, ultimately working towards a society that is better equipped to combat the epidemic.

Atim Diana, Uganda

Based in Uganda, Atim Diana, (who mostly goes by Dee), is a 23 year old Ugandan student studying for a Bachelor’s degree in Procurement and Supply Chain Management at Makerere University Business School. Currently, she lives and works in Kampala with Freedom and Roam Uganda as an administrative assistant. She is passionate and also devoted to develop her skills and talents with every opportunity that is provided to her especially with youth-related activities.

Dorcas Nyarko, Ghana

Dorcas Nyarko is a 22 year old History and Political Science student at the University of Education, Winneba located in Ghana, who aspires to be a gender activist and a community worker. She has had experiences working with other Non-Governmental Organizations like HFFG, CHAG, NAP+, YHAG among others in the community system strengthening by the Global fund. She has in leadership programs and activities in her organization and even in school.

Dorcas is presently the National Organizer for Young Health Advocates Ghana (YHAG), and has held other positions like the interim secretary for her department in school. She loves working with people, especially in the community, and bringing out the voice of the vulnerable to be heard by all. She has worked in the areas of HIV, TB, and Malaria, managing to encourage, bring out potentials, and confidence in people living with HIV and TB. She works well as an individual and in groups, and is good at public speech as well.

Rodney Gutu, Zimbabwe

Rodney Gutu is an Electrical Engineer, who studied at the University of Zimbabwe from 2017-2022. During the course of his studies, he engaged in a lot of Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights programs under SAYWHAT Organisation in a bid to raise awareness with regards to fellow peers’ sexual health. His main areas of focus were on HIV prevention, navigating stigmatization and responding to questions regarding sexual health that many peers felt awkward to engage with their friends and family. As of current, he is still very active in his community in a fight against drug abuse by formulating creative ways to curb the increasing use of harmful substances amongst the youth. He is also passionate about computers, sports and art and believes these can be used as tools to empower the youth to make a difference in their communities and not let adversity take away the potential that the youth possess to do big things!

Reatile Lechaka, South Africa

Reatile Lechaka (As known as REA) is from a beautiful town known as Matatiele in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. She is currently working at Equal Education as an organizer, advocating for equal and quality education for the learners of the Eastern Cape. She is someone who thrives on being an impactful Advocate of knowledge, eager to learn and pass down knowledge. She is always curious and observant about what happens around her and is always thinking of ways to be the change she hopes to see in the spaces she occupies.

One day Rea hopes to have her own established Non-Profit organization that would advocate for mental health care for young people in South Africa to be a priority. She values reading, drawing and listening to the different experiences that each individual has been blessed to experience because the true teachings of life are in the journeys people walk on.

Erasmus Gwidza, Zimbabwe

Based in Zimbabwe, Erasmus Gwidza is a young demographer and population health researcher with vast interest in advancing HIV programs advocacy, communications and implementation in countries with limited resources. A young researcher and advocate with strong analytical background in data management and analytics, demographic research, HIV prevention-treatment-care-and-cure advocacy. He is passionate about HIV and Aids programs designing and implementation, programming in data analytics, health data management, demographic forecasting and probalistic modelling, electronic computations, digital health modelling and demographic research. He has a lot of experience in biomedical HIV prevention programs, health financing, advocacy and communications, public health research, population health data management, statistical modelling of population parameters, quantitative and qualitative research for program programming, data modelling and projections, DHS and health information systems knowledge, data capturing, analysis, interpretation and reporting. He is a team player with strong interpersonal skills, vast software capabilities in the population social science parameters and public health field.

Fahe Kerubo, Kenya

Based in Kenya, Fahe Kerubo is a passionate advocate for the rights of LGBITQ+ and young women and girls, focusing on Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights. With extensive experience in this field, they have actively raised awareness and provided crucial psychosocial support to over 50 Lesbians, Bisexuals, and Queer women living with and affected by HIV. Currently volunteering as an LBQ program Officer at Positive Young Women Voices in Dandora, a youth-led community-based organization, Fahe empowers and advocates for LBQ Womxn, girls, and young women of diverse backgrounds. Through mentorship, disseminating information on SRH and HIV, facilitating linkages and referrals, and promoting socio-economic growth, they work tirelessly to improve the lives of these individuals. Fahe’s dedication has led them to become a member of the She Decides national planning committee, where they played a vital role in the Kenyan movement. They are also a youth champion for the Global Fund Africa Network (GFAN), utilizing social media platforms to advocate for equitable health services and ensure no one is left behind. Additionally, Fahe has actively participated in various activities such as presenting at regional consultations, conducting social media campaigns, organizing training for LBQ womxn’s socioeconomic empowerment, and contributing to strategy workshops focusing on media and information dissemination. With a Criminology and Security Studies degree, Fahe brings diverse skills and knowledge to advocacy work.

Gracious Lekgoathi, South Africa

Based in South Africa, Gracious Lekgoathi is a social impact digital content creator and a soon to be civil engineer technology graduate. She is an energetic and highly motivated young woman who enjoys networking and establishing new relationships. She uses her passion for advocacy to train adolescent girls and young women to become an advocate for change through small actions. She is intrigued by the power of digital media. She uses that to create content that encourages AGYW, in all their diversity, to engage meaningfully to make informed decisions about their rights, health, and well-being.

Nwalaka Charles, Nigeria

Based in Nigeria, Nwalaka Charles Olubusola is a multi-talented individual with diverse roles and a passion for various fields. He works as a fashion consultant, program officer, and advocate for human and sexual rights. Currently, he holds the position of program officer at the Creme de la Creme House of Fame Foundation (CDLC), a community-based organization focusing on providing mobile health services, STI/HIV screening, sexual health education, research and development, training, and advocacy for vulnerable groups, particularly MARPS (Most At-Risk Populations).
Busola describes himself as an ambivert, meaning he is comfortable both in social interactions and in solitude. With his activism, Busola actively works towards promoting social justice and advocating for the rights of marginalized communities. He values teamwork, actively contributing to collaborative efforts, and strives to achieve his goals with determination. Busola’s favorite proverb is “Delay is not denial,” suggesting that setbacks or delays in life do not equate to permanent denial of opportunities or success. This proverb reflects his optimistic outlook and resilience in the face of challenges.